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  • Nudist familys
    frances Flag Comment
    This was filmed at South Sand, Miami Sand. Women are stripped to the waist here every day. They don't usually head to the showers that are provided to rinse sand off, but it's certainly not a big deal to see a woman bare-breasted in South Strand. Flag Comment
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    Nudist familys***
    In case you can add my remarks to the person pictures here they are: Pic #1 - The top says everything. Pic #2 - April with her master. Pic #6 - We trade places and allow the photographer have some fun. (sent in the next e-mail) Pic #7 - She did not even shed her drink. (sent in the following e-mail) Pic #8 - Bye for the time being. Well, here^1s my wonderful slave April back for her second round of pics. She actually enjoyed all the amazing comments and requests she received last time so keep them coming. April is searching for another girl to play with (or maybe a couple) in the D/FW region so please let us know if you^1re interested. Appreciate!
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