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    Tres belle reussite votre set de photos !!! Nous sommes de Belgique et nous aussi cela nous arrive de faire des photos si cela vous dis de faire echange d'idA©es de photos .... ou + repondez nous nous suivrons... Flag Comment
    wow, fine caboose, you win arms down (or up, your skirt!) Flag Comment
    Fuck SOPA and PIPA, you ought to work on the declining quality and number of posts at this once superb site!1/2 these posts the broads have clothes on! Flag Comment
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    LOve to see whore wives with their paramours --giving themselves to them. plz post more or send me more PLEASE. Flag Comment
    Good photography, can we see more of this lovely woman in the future? Flag Comment
    Hi Tj! Yep, dance night tonight! :). Toe is still very sore and engorged on underside...but bruising has gone down fairly a bit, so it doesn't look as bad now! I also put some grind on my toes this morning to make everything look better! Lucky laughed at that part! :). Heading out briefly to attempt to find a pair of pretty dance shoes...none of my footwear fit because of the swelling...I have to resort to searching for a 'blingy' pair of.....FLIP FLOPS!! :). Might be hard to do here this time of year where we live... LOL Flag Comment
    Need another vote category "Very fuckin good"!! Flag Comment
    You lady is a hottie!! Flag Comment
    Supreme contri. #8 is a very sexy shot. Thanks for sharing. Flag Comment
    She's gorgeous you lucky Dude!!Please post more! Flag Comment
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    ridiculous by Corinne Flag Comment
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    What a supreme set of hips We'd love to be inbetween them or at least fantasise Do you ever share with other couples If so... ttru6297@googlemail.com Flag Comment
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    I love smaller, sugary tits like yours!! rwb500@yahoo.com Flag Comment
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    what I was attempting to say lucky, is I hope I don't get lost in all your fresh loyal admirers lol Flag Comment
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    We have only added a brand new feature to my site which is jigsaw puzzles of a few of my pictures from the galleries. Check them out as well as tell me what you think. In the event you need me to make one from a particular pic please return to me. Because of the amount of e-mails failing, I've also began a group up to educate people that wish to know, what I am up to and when contris and upgrades are coming out. Please leave your email in the event you would like to join and I'll get back to you with details. The below photos were taken after the shaving session. The see thru top I'm wearing makes me feel just like a china doll. What would you believe? Adore Spicyxxx
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