Teen suck in a box of a beach

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  • Teen suck in a box of a beach
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  • Description
    Teen suck in a box of a beach***
    These pix were taken around 1976 or '77 at Wreck Beach, in Vancouver, Canada. I don't understand whether they belong in N.I.P. or Private Photos; it is your call on the group. To my way of thinking, being nude in a nude beach may technically be unclothed in public, but it's not exactly the same as flashing in a public place where folks aren't anticipated to be nude ( andI believe the N.I.P. category was meant for public flashing). BTW, the hairy one in the middle to the very first pic is yours truly. Thanks again to find the best site on the web, and, naturally, need I mention the e-mail address greeting? Why does everything have to be ... Plus?
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