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  • Nude striptease natural
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  • Description
    Nude striptease natural***
    Heya Kate! This is the 2nd try - hope it works. Here are a few for Nude in Public section - call it "Stripped Wife" (although the first was shot merely BEFORE she went naked in public - my wife was planning to go out the door to provide a pizza naked to a buddy for his birthday party. That which you see is what he and his friends saw! The other shots were taken in our area just after dark one evening (on a weeknight and with all the threat of passers by, joggers, etc.)- I dared her to strip nude and Model at the entrance - and with no reluctance, she did! I WAS the nervous one! Anyway, we adore comments by you and viewers, and will post more if you all wish. (Yes - she actually IS in her forties!)
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