Its all about how you experience yourself

naturst-picsIts all about how you experience yourself.I have a philosophy in life,what you see is whatyou get,what you behold is who I am.Where I live,its common knowledge that i am a nudist,and the people come and visit unnannounced,and I remain naked,I do not feel uncomfortable at all!I have had people vsit me,and remain clothed,while I was naked.It does not bother me at all.When I am naked,I have nothing to hide,and do not want to hide anything.Being uncomfortable is because you do not allow yourself enough naked time in the presence of others.People tend to limit nudity embarresmentto genital exposure…nudism is not genital exposure alone,it hollistic!The entireperson.Its just that sometimes we have hang ups about our genitals,we should not be so.I walk barefoot everyday,go to church and opera and movies and the mall barefoot,and do not feel shy,attend 5 star hotels barefoot,and I’m not shy,why be when I amd bare chested as well.We as males arnt shy of eing bare chested.Being bare chested,and barefoot is no shame…why being bare genitalled?Its as much part of my body as are my feet and chest.Its part of my body!I do not have an exclusive penis,neither are penisses exclusive…its a common thing in males,as is the vagina in a woman!Our genitals are not exclusive,or special,we will never be the only humas with genitals!So be comfortable,and do not think or meditate on the genitals.Thats what is the problem with feeling uncomfortable…we subconciousely focus on our genitals,and feel uncomfortable in the presence of textillians…rather focus on your geust,not your genitals.

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