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  • Photo family nudism
    Love the swimsuit, love the trim job and your fine little bum even more. Flag Comment
    Supah hot and sexy. Supreme tits and rump. Amazing figure. Thanks for sharing. Love to see more. Flag Comment
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    A bit too "artsy" for a "Private Shots" contri (but flawless for an "art photo" site)...AND, cutting of the bottom half of her "pussy" in Picture Three and Picture Four spoils the presentation. NEXT! Flag Comment
    Awesome figure, more please Flag Comment
    pic 1, nice mature, and liked pics Nine and 10but loved pic Two - nice figure, lovely colorific bodypaint (hey, she's an artsy chick, don't be a critic!) but most of all a cute-but-sexy adorable face, eyes, everything, want to smooch her all over her well as loving her body..can't say that for all those being captured on film Flag Comment
    the two words naturally flawless come to mindkeep up the good work Flag Comment
    Jenny those are damn near perfect!! Flag Comment
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    damn sexy, wow my fav is pic 6...those gams r awesome!!! :-P Flag Comment
    It's gross, and it's brief. Flag Comment
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    do all the women look so damn skanky at this event?? Flag Comment
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    so my turn Flag Comment
    Hot would like to see more with a finer camera. Flag Comment
    love the natural look love your tits and cootchie Flag Comment
    Keep the the pictures jizzing ! Love to share Flag Comment
    Diana, I'd love to have those gorgeous gams packaged around me. That would be heaven on earth! Your hubby is a VERY lucky guy! Please keep posting! Flag Comment
    Love the outline of that thing that drapes inbetween your gams sweetie. Our pal "Wally" seems to be at a loss for words. A bit homophobic, maybe. Flag Comment
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    Breast job scars? Flag Comment
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  • Description
    Photo family nudism***
    Since this is the final day to submit photos for the 10 Years nude beach Motif I thought I'd send in one last contribution, with a combination of graphics from the previous four sets that I took for the contest but did not use. Many of these photographs may appear similar to ones utilized in the other contributions but I assure you they are very different graphics. I had a lot of fun expose for the photographs for this particular competition. I hope you enjoyed looking at my pictures. Thanks again. Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night. Love, Michelle
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