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  • Nudist chubby teens
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    Nudist chubby teens***
    Hi Gang, Joined nudistthis weekend, Wish I had joined sooner! I did not know what I was missing! So ...... What started out as a gag gift from a vintage GF who was out of town Frequently, turned into a trusted company! LOL Why can't lads have toys also? It is definitely much less good as the real thing, but it certainly beats a hand job ... that's unless that hand job is cuming from a hot woman! I know the women are tired of all the cock only shots so I really hope this a little more interesting. I am a str8 swm 35 in the Tampa Florida Region. Comments are appreciated. Looking for a few new friends in my area, so drop me a word on the BB. Thanks all ..... and love! Please name " Lads "
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