20 minutes, they each got topless

naturist-picsI thought I would share my newbie first experience, just had it this weekend in fact! I love being nude, and have been interested in trying it in a social setting for some time.
My uncle let me use his place at the Delaware beach over Thanksgiving (freezing cold, but it’s a nice get away, and not crowded this time of year), so me and 3 friends headed down late Thanksgiving night. The next morning the other 3 were up before I was, and they were in the kitchen, making breakfast, having coffee. I sleep nude, and was about to put something on to go down and join them. Then I thought about all the stories I have read on here, about just “going for it” and trying nudism. So I thought, what the heck? They are my guests, they are my friends, why not just go in there as I am? I walked in, and got many gasps and chuckles from my friends. I just told them that I sleep nude, I was about to go take a shower anyway, so why put something on just to then take it right back off? I did add that if they were uncomfortable, I could put something on. All 3 said they didn’t care, but they were still a but taken back. A brief discussion then ensued about sleeping nude, and all 3 admitted that they slept in the nude some times as well. One of my friends even confessed that she and her boyfriend had once gone to a nude beach in the Exubas. That sort of cut the tension, and the consensus was that me being nude was no big deal if that was how I was comfortable. It felt so good to just be there, in a natural state, and to be accepted and not have to worry about covering up.
Later that day (which was yesterday), We decided to get in the hot tub. I said I was going in nude, the others could do as they pleased. My one friend who had been to a nude beach decided she would go in nude as well, the other two wore suits. After about 20 minutes, they each got topless, and about 20 minutes after that, lost the bottoms as well. The whole rest of the evening, we all stayed nude – made dinner, watched some movies, just had fun. It felt so great to just shed the restrictions that clothes give, and just have relax with friends. It made the whole night much more enjoyable for all. I can easily say all 4 of us are hooked.
This morning we had to leave, but we all agreed we were going to get into the nudist lifestyle more. Who knows how this will go (i.e. where we will do it, do we bring in b/f’s, etc.), but I could not be happier!
So that is my story – maybe a little lame for you all, but I was just dying to share it with someone, so I picked all of you people to share with
Peace and Hugs,

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